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Re: [Computerbank] solving the conundrum of the bush

Yes Greg I do think others at Cbk VIC have looked at this support, etc long
and hard. Your suggestion(s) will however help them move ahead on it again
though, it's likely.

IN FACT if we were able to set up what you were talking about, we only need
ONE of them for ALL of Australia, don't we?

Looking at the three tiers of LUV and heeding your comment that "our
clients would feel like fish out of water on these lists and be overawed by
the skill level", what might be an add-on that completed the package? 

Isn't there a need/opportunity for some proselytisers for the
Linux/Computerbank Way to begin a first stage list that comes before even
the LUV Beginners level? Something like a "So you've just heard of Linux or
Computernak and want to ask some questions?" list?

With good-hearted people of persisting patience, that'd work for those who
already have access to the Internet from somewhere, wouldn't it? Just set
up another list which such people would join and -- as it all evolved --
develop a Q&A for newbies coming in. In the process evolving the whole

IMPORTANTLY this also could be open to anyone anywhere in Oz, not being a
job for any particular Linux or Computerbank group but all of us together?

Regards, Bruce 

At 08:09 6/01/02 +1100, Greg White wrote:
>the LUV group, operate at least three lists. LUV Beginners, LUV
>talk, and just 'LUV'.
>And generally speaking I would think that Computerbank clients would feel
>like fish out of water on these lists, and be overawed by the skill level.
>These lists they would be encouraged to join once up to speed a bit.

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