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Re: [Computerbank] Fundraising?

Good morning Greg,

Didn't mean it in this context mate, but it might help Melb C'bankers look
with new eyes at what they've got, some of their garbage being (now) gold

I meant would it be OK if you saw something you wanted in what they regard
as junk for you to have it..

Old printers for Priscilla in the Landsborough PO perhaps?

Saw Sam last night and he's looking forward to you coming there on Thurs.
Lunch might be at the Eldorado in Nth Melb, but need input from others on
other possibilities.


At 07:46 6/01/02 +1100, Greg White wrote in reply to "does that mean Greg
can pick over what's left left when he comes down next Thursday?":
>Bruce, I would not have to pick up all the old box.   Its just a matter of
>finding a use for a quantity of them.  And then writing some simple code for
>them.   The real value is in the functions they are coded to perform (the
>software).  And this would require a little research.  Because first, we
>would have to find manufacturers etc. who may be interested.  Then the
>specifications of the job to be done (analysis), and then the writing of a
>prototype etc.    By finding some smaller manufacturers, who's products
>would be ultra-competative using Computerbanks software and old box.  It may
>be possible to find some small niche outlets.  But the secret would be in a
>really simple product, which does perfectly, what the manufacturer or
>business wants.

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