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Re: [Computerbank] the support curse

Thank you for raising this issue on here, Pen. I don't think it's
unsolvable at all, far from it.

The thing is: whatever answer(s) we come up with it can be geared to
helping everyone Australia-wide if it is mostly Web and email and document

I'm a strong believer in many minds working together on a common problem
being able to solve almost anything.

Actually, although I called this thread "the support curse" I see it has
several advantages. 

More later on that but..

I've suggested (perhaps it was on 'wide?) that Computerbank (all of us)
establish what seems to be needed to add to the current three tiers of
Linux lists. People are saying two connected things:

1. There's a need to separate away from irritating everyone else the
repetitious "idiot" level questions.

2. There's a need to make sure people ask all of their questions until
everything is working happily, both them and their computer.

Thanks again, Bruce

PS. It won't be costly either. (more later on that, too)

At 14:43 7/01/02 +1100, Da Moose wrote:
>Yes you're right we have looked at support and it's a difficult and 
>costly area.
>Some days we spend most of the day on the phone answering suppoert calls.
>But what else do you do? Well we are producing docs that go home with
>people that address the most common support issues and that seems to be
>having some effect on the type of client support calls we answer.
>With people in the country we try to email solutions or walk them through
>over the phone, this is techs as well as clients.
>For us support is becoming a major issue with no solution in sight. We
>have to rely on volunteers to man some type of help desk and that's a
>possibility but the big problem is finding time to train them first.
>All ideas help

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