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Re: [Computerbank] Re: [Australia-wide] Re: online interactive tutorials

Yes Penni, I think this could be an important piece of the final combined
package of answers. Why a package? Because individuals are different.
Because an online interactive tutorial would be good for some but telephone
support might be needed for others (perhaps at their expense if it is too
far away?), others work best on paper -- by snail mail or fax or printing
off emails.

We need a smorgasbord or menu of answers the clients can be offered to
choose from.

Evolving it all in practice.


At 14:45 7/01/02 +1100, Da Moose wrote:
>Maybe the solution could be on line interactive tutorials?
>On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> [posted to both the Australia-wide and Computerbank lists together]
>> Is that 2 or 3 now saying they're on Australia-wide and know Linux? Greg,
>> Jacqueline and ?? here on Australia-wide?
>> I think you're also on the Computerbank allover Oz list, Jaqueline? I hope
>> so and I hope you don't mind me reposting what you said before onto it.
>> I wanted to raise a couple of points of potential interest to both lists.
>> First, mostly for Australia-widers, there's a push to give everyone
>> everywhere access to learning Linux. Why? Well it's good. But also, people
>> anywhere in Oz can now set up a branch of Computerbank (well, in a month or
>> two) BUT the main stumbling block for many wanting to do this is to have
>> the local expertise in this thing called Linux.
>> People just hearing of it for the first time won't be interested in the
>> upcoming Linux national conference in Brisbane or even the 2003 one in
>> Perth but it does offer us a joint target: Perth in one year.
>> I don't know the focuses of such national Linux conferences but ... would
>> they be interested in a presentation about Computerbank and its need to get
>> branches established outside our metropolitan cities? Are most of them well
>> enough aware about http://www.computerbank.org.au/ Computerbank? Might they
>> also be somewhat interested in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Australia-wide
>> Australia-wide's efforts, among other things, for equity of access to the
>> Internet and Web for every Australian? 
>> It seems to me we have a joint purpose to consider the Linux movement
>> becoming familiar with and actively assisting the spread of the (still
>> evolving) Computerbank branch model.

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