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Re: [Computerbank] no qualms clients

As a former schoolteacher, I'm being reminded of so many things by this

You WANT the clients to keep on asking their questions ... never stopping
until they all know how to do whatever it is they're finding puzzling or
difficult to do.

I understand how painful (and expensive) answering all of these questions
are now but the answer we must seek must include not restricting the flow
of questions for however long anyone wants to ask one. The answer we want
is an almost cost free one where not one Computerbanker (or Linux person)
does any more answering than they are comfortable with.

How's that again??

Have a separate website covering the commonly asked problem areas. Develop
it over time.

Have a linked (separate) mailing list. 

For as many clients as possible get them onto the Internet and Web right
away and on this mailing list. Encourage the instant purchase of the modem
and ISP necessary.

Back that up with telephone, fax and mail for those who can't afford the
(negotiated cheaper) online connection 'package' for each geographic area.

Our product and service NEEDS this feedback mechanism to hone its delivery
until the frequency of queries is minimised. It's a GREAT! and necessary

Who answers the interminable questions? Everyone in Computerbank who can
spare the time. If that happens, it won't be an onerous or costly task for
anyone. Have a list Computerbank volunteers need only access from the Web
if that suits them, as is most likely.

.. Bruce

PS. Let's just start it and hone it along the way.

>At 14:46 7/01/02 +1100, Da Moose wrote:
>Believe me Greg the clients have no qualms about asking questions all the
>time even after they get home. :)
>On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Greg White wrote:
>> A help list for all of Australia, may work, but are all the groups using
>> same distribution?  

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