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Re: [Computerbank] too many repeated problems

I can't help with hardware or software issues but I have some chance of
helping with "human error" ones, including forgetfulness.

Please spell out one common "human error" problem and let's try to bowl it
over and then the next ... and the next.

This may appear to be a quite crazy suggestion at first but: why not delay
the giving of a password until the person is ready for it? (I of course
don't know a thing about the password's reason for being) Make it a
'graduation' stage, one beyond doing the introductory (correct term is?)
course, when they get home and they prove they're remembering and can use
it all?

.. Bruce

PS. Have Sydney or Perth solved any of this?

At 16:14 7/01/02 +1100, Da Moose wrote:
>we get quite a number of support calls that directly relate to human
>error, the other one is hardware issues and of course helpful people
>giving clients the wrong advice.
>The 2 biggest probs we've had are people forgetting their passwords when
>they get home, even though we give them a copy, and turning the machine
>off so they need to be walked through fsck. The password thing is not
>solvable the other we're giving clients detailed instructions on how to
>perfom fsck and also recently installing riser fx.
>Hardware probs always crop up with old equipment and occasionally there
>is a bad install.
>I just want to stop the ones who ring 5 times a day when their probs are
>with the ISP not us.

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