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Re: [Computerbank] too many repeated problems

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 03:13:44AM +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> I can't help with hardware or software issues but I have some chance of
> helping with "human error" ones, including forgetfulness.
> Please spell out one common "human error" problem and let's try to bowl it
> over and then the next ... and the next.

OK, I will give this a shot. Human error number:
1. I forgot my user name
2. I forgot my password

after we master those, we can move to the next ones

> This may appear to be a quite crazy suggestion at first but: why not delay
> the giving of a password until the person is ready for it? (I of course
> don't know a thing about the password's reason for being) Make it a
> 'graduation' stage, one beyond doing the introductory (correct term is?)
> course, when they get home and they prove they're remembering and can use
> it all?

Bruce, the recips need the password to log in- that is the machine is
unusable as a desktop without a password. It is indeed possible to ship
out machines without passwords, but no-one would suggest doing that.

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