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Re: [Computerbank] too many repeated problems

MORE THANKS to you Shaun..

I'm happy to play the resident dummy and plainly I am in many of these
As has been explained in other non-Computerbank areas, if you have a way
even the dummest can understand then you have THE way.

So, about the following:

Superglue a plastic tag to each computer sent out with their User Name and
Password on it. OK, it defeats its purpose for the user BUT it solves two
of our worries in one go? A small sacrifice to get a free computer ... and
it can be stuck out of site somewhere where you can remind them it is. 

Or just write it on the back?

Regards, Bruce

At 21:51 9/01/02 +1030, Shaun Branden wrote:

  [Please spell out one common "human error" problem]

>OK, I will give this a shot. Human error number:
>1. I forgot my user name
>2. I forgot my password
>after we master those, we can move to the next ones
>The recipients need the password to log in- that is the machine is
>unusable as a desktop without a password. It is indeed possible to ship
>out machines without passwords, but no-one would suggest doing that.

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