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Re: [Computerbank] too many repeated problems

Lately, this hath been imparted:
> Superglue a plastic tag to each computer sent out with their User Name and
> Password on it. OK, it defeats its purpose for the user BUT it solves two
> of our worries in one go? A small sacrifice to get a free computer ... and
> it can be stuck out of site somewhere where you can remind them it is.
> Or just write it on the back?
> Regards, Bruce

Actually, in SA, we have been distributing excercise books with 
1. all their puter details (eg pentium 166, 32 mb ram, vid card type, monitor 
type etc)
2. all the config details (eg kde 2.1.1, debian potato build, 
abiword/gnumeric or staroffice, any otehr special needs)
3. date and instaler
4. trainer
5. username and password
6. has user been shown how to change passwords (y/n)
7. has user changed root passwd in your presence (y/n) - all installs are 
done with root pwd being 'penguin' - we now are asking them to write down 
something in their log book to trigger memory of this new password
8. has user been shown how to add users (y/n) (if they have family members 
etc, this is particularly useful)
9. any other relevant details

this log book is then to be used to write down times and dates for ANY 
problems, so that they can more clearly explain them. this is now being 
trialled, to alleviate some of the more preventable repeat offending type 
issues. (shaun actually got us started on this one...:) )

the cost of a cheap (about 45cents or less) log book can save hours of 
problems later......

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