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Re: [Computerbank] too many repeated problems

On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 06:26:39AM +1100, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> MORE THANKS to you Shaun..
> I'm happy to play the resident dummy and plainly I am in many of these
> matters.
> As has been explained in other non-Computerbank areas, if you have a way
> even the dummest can understand then you have THE way.
> So, about the following:
> Superglue a plastic tag to each computer sent out with their User Name and
> Password on it. OK, it defeats its purpose for the user BUT it solves two
> of our worries in one go? A small sacrifice to get a free computer ... and
> it can be stuck out of site somewhere where you can remind them it is. 
> Or just write it on the back?
Then anyone can use that account. One of the benefits of unix is that
users have separate accounts. The kids should not be able to change the
parents files. 

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