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Re: [Computerbank] frustrated help supporter

Lately, this hath been imparted:

> ** Now we are national we need a national register of our helpers.
> ** Now we are national all helpers need to be tapped into a place
> ** where helpers talk over "stuff".
>   [Do you share the answers you find that work?]

Bruce, as has been posted several time to this list:
IRC #computerbank
we get together and discuss, meet and dbeate these issues

>    [How good does a help supporter have to be?]

If, like us, we have a limited pool of resources, very good - but we are 
trying to develop 'experts' in various areas, such as installs, kde, general 
unix, hardware etc.....

The big issue is time - we only have a limited time volunteers can deal with 
calls (cause i am sick of endless calls on my mobile, (at any hour, 
regardless of asking them to call at certain times)which they get of our 
answering machine, as cbsa is still run from our place, the cbsa number is 
our number)
recips want their problems solved NOW, not later. 

> ** the helpers listed should be tagged according to these skills.
>   [Each question be handled by a Computerbank volunteer of that level?]

a good suggestion. why don't you take this over? a good direction for your 
energies would be compiling the list:)

> ** the possible sifting mechanism (perhaps just the "receptionist" or
> ** person answering the Computerbank phones) could separate out these
> ** various levels. The Melbourne PC User group does this with its
> ** over 10,000 users. For the simplest questions you get an immediate
> ** answer, otherwise you ring a more expert person or they ring you.

IF the volunteer has a basic level, to filter. We havent got a series of 
questions to fuilter these calls that inexperienced vols could use, cause we 
dont have the tresources to develop them. Again, its something perhaps you 
could take on?

> ** As far as the proposed list is concerned, anyone giving a wrong
> ** answer could be immediately corrected. As has been pointed out,
> ** we are not a business with business expertise and resources,
> ** therefore to get all the volunteers we need to help fix our wish
> ** for more volunteers in this area, this is an acceptably "loose"
> ** mechanism (way) that will, if not perfect, still work?

Denting a recips confidence:
Making mistakes on a recips system, compunding and possibly worsening a 

> ** So, in such cases, they go to the phone/fax/sanail options.
Fine - but again, resource limitations....

> ** Others on the list, including the appointed monitor of what
> ** happens on it, can fix that.

OK, good idea, again, would you take on making this list?

> ** Which is what I'm proposing but in the comfortable environment
> ** of many other dummies asking "stupid" questions.  :-)
>  [What about those not able to be online?]

phone/snail mail/visit

romana@timelady.com icq no:393293 

Computerbank Australia -  SA branch coordinator 

"Between the idea and the reality, 
Between the motion and the act, 
Falls the Shadow..." 
(TS Eliot) 
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