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Re: [Computerbank] frustrated help supporter

How many help supporters do we have across Australia?
Do you share the answers you find that work?
How good does a help supporter have to be?
Can't the level of the question be handled by a Computerbank volunteer of
that level?

How might this filtering of those providing help occur?

If the questions asked on the proposed pre-kindergarten level list can be
answered (on the list) by anyone who thinks they know the answer, then
there's no reason for them to be tested before they start answering
queries. (And remembering you DESPERATELY need the help) Any mistakes some
helper makes can then be fixed on the list, and everyone learns. Helpers
will learn to stick to answering only what they are very sure of for
starters. Why answer on the list? Because others on it will have the same
question in their minds or will have asked it before but not fully
understood the answer then.

Doing as much as we can via the proposed "total clots" (aka. dummies) list
means many things are possible all at the same time, can you see some of
them? Start with the fact clients can ask a question at any time on any day.

What about those not able to be online? 

That's to my mind a totally separate issue, the more I think about it. And
the more we get clients online right away the SO MUCH BETTER OFF we will be.

.. Bruce

At 17:37 7/01/02 +1100, Da Moose wrote:
>It's not possible to screen callers at our office, sometimes we tell
>people to try a solution and ring back if it doesn't work or
>alternatively email them a solution. 
>This isn't always possible as often the client doesn't really know what's
>wrong or someone else has given them a possible scenario based on
>windows. It's a real pain :).
>We've tried designating a support day but basically if things go wrong
>clients panic and ring us as the "experts". 
>I think the long term solution is more training and a manual that
>documents solutions for common probs. :)
>That's on its way but certainly not at the level we need yet.
>Hopefully as a whole CAI can have a unified solution.
>So help please
>A frustrated help supporter :)

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