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Re: [Computerbank] solving the conundrum of the bush

Hi Dale and all

It's not possible to screen callers at our office, sometimes we tell
people to try a sloution and ring back iof it doesn't work or
al;ternatively email a solution. 

this isn't always possible as often the client doesn't really know what's
wrong or someone else hasgiven them a possible scenario based on
windows. It's a real pain:).

We've tried designating a support day but basically if things go wrong
clients panic and ring us as the "experts". 

I think the long term solution is more training and a manual that
documents so;lutions for common probs.:)

That's on its way but certainly not at the level we need yet.

Hopefully as awhole CAI canhave a unified solution.

So help please

A frustrated helpsupporter :)

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