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Re: [Computerbank] solving the conundrum of the bush

Da Moose wrote:
> Yes your right we have looked at support and it's a difficult and costly
> area.
> Some days we spend most of the day on the phone answering suppoert calls.

Unless this is a support line, then this is bad. I closed the office of
a national association becasue of this - staff spent all time answering
general problems instead of doing the work they were paid for - then
they wondered why they had no jobs.
> But what else do you do? Well we are producing docs that go home with
> people that address the most common support issues and that seems to be
> having some effect on the type of client support calls we answer.

I was thinking about this at CBNSW site meeting on Sunday and I'm
thinking that we are going to have to structure how much supportCB
gives/offers  up front, say recipients can have one years support with
one email/day (NSW doesn't have a phone {:-), then after that, they have
to find other support (LUG,s newsgroups, WWW, etc).

On the day I mentioned a group that was encouraging organisations to
install Linux, but they had all become millstones around their neck
because it was ongoing (years of support) and this prevented them from
taking on new clients.

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