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Re: [Computerbank] too many repeated problems

Hello all,

Just my 2c worth on trying to make the installation/support issues a
little easier to come to grips with.....

It seems to me that the best way to start communicating issues/problem
and solutions is posting to either the cbtechnical or cbsupport list -
these lists are Australia wide and at the moment aren't carrying much
traffic. I'm thinking that info/questions about which software to load,
hardware configurations, and installation procedures could be posted to
the cbtechnical list, and info/questions on "human error" and general
usability issues could be posted to cbsupport.

For an example, Grant's post to cbtechnical on Monday regarding a solved
problem with Compaq 4000's is the sort of practical up-to-date tip
installers value.  Other posts with valuable and relevant experiences
with the performance of word processing software have been posted to the
cb-nsw list.

At regular intervals summaries of these posts could be made and placed
on the CBAUS web site, say as one or more FAQ's - this could possibly be
made an activity for the cbdoc group. I am quite happy to work up a page
for the CBAUS web site if people want it.

Another tack for state branch "headquarters" might be to keep similar
FAQs on an intranet, using the national web site FAQs as a base and
adding local wisdom - have easily useable workstations or terminals so
that when someone solves a problem, they are encouraged to make a note
what the problem was and how they solved it.  At regular intervals the
'local wisdom' could be fed back to the main CBAUS FAQs.

It would be important to stress that all these notes are not meant to be
works or art and/or erudite discourses - just basic text format notes
with a practical emphasis would be fine - the trick is to get people
recording their discoveries in an easily distributed format and thus
spread the knowledge.  One or more "documentors" could then periodically
take these notes and collate them into a series of web pages and/or
printed docs as required.

Comments, suggestions and improvements to the above are welcome.

Hope this helps,

David H.

David T. Hatton

Dale Long wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> > I can't help with hardware or software issues but I have some chance of
> > helping with "human error" ones, including forgetfulness.
> >
> > Please spell out one common "human error" problem and let's try to bowl it
> > over and then the next ... and the next.
> I agree. I think a list of common issues in several catagories should be
> made up and some solutions etc... listed where possible. Then this can be
> listed on an open web page on teh CBAUS web site somewhere so that
> everyone knows what people are aware of and is being addressed. Otherwise,
> things tend to get lost in mailing lists.
> Any takers? Otherwise, email lists of all the issues you can think of to
> me and I will colate them and organise to get them listed on a web page
> somewhere.
> Catagories could include:
> hardware.
> installer/disto/packaging error.
> environment oddities.
> etc..
> Dale.
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