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Re: [Computerbank] too many repeated problems

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
> I can't help with hardware or software issues but I have some chance of
> helping with "human error" ones, including forgetfulness.
> Please spell out one common "human error" problem and let's try to bowl it
> over and then the next ... and the next.

I agree. I think a list of common issues in several catagories should be
made up and some solutions etc... listed where possible. Then this can be
listed on an open web page on teh CBAUS web site somewhere so that
everyone knows what people are aware of and is being addressed. Otherwise,
things tend to get lost in mailing lists.

Any takers? Otherwise, email lists of all the issues you can think of to
me and I will colate them and organise to get them listed on a web page

Catagories could include:
installer/disto/packaging error.
environment oddities.



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