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[Computerbank] meeting Greg in Melbourne tomorrow

So many things to discuss, it's good you're coming down to Melbourne
tomorrow, Greg.

Everyone in Melbourne is welcome to join in at any stage tomorrow..

[Rough timetable]

10 am 

.. at Sam's in 225 Queensberry St, Carlton (near Elizabeth St) to check out
progress there in the daylight!

12 noon

Lunch at the Eldorado pub in Leveson St, Nth Melb. (near Queensberry St)
for everyone. Conversation across a very wide spectrum.

1.30 pm

Computerbank HQ, 92 Rosslyn St, West Melb. (near King St) to check it out
and see what Greg can take home.

3.30 pm

Greg and his wife Linda leave to drive back to Landsborough.

At 09:22 9/01/02 +1100, Greg White wrote:
>I reckon you have to put togethor some tutorials and a library of electronic
>books.   And then you give away certificates of achievement, for having
>passed some simple levels.   Give them some simple little achievement prizes,
>something to stick on their puter, or a large button (pin) proclaiming their
>involvment/achievement.  Encouragement, it's an old and simple trick, but it
>works.  It can cost little, and works out cheaper, cos they can show off
>their achievement by helping those that have not learnt what they have.

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