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Re: [Computerbank] Linux Courses

On Sat, 18 Jan 2003 10:35 pm, cromwell shared thusly:
> Greetings David,
> 	and good point.  One of these days, though, the circumstances may well be
> right, i firmly believe that with the right steering Computerbank is going
> to be very big indeed and that Computerbank Accreditations will mean
> something that employers will sit up and listen to.
> 	This isn't likely to happen in the next 30 seconds, but i'm sure in the
> fullness of time we'll have the everything in full swing we will attract
> the resources to design and implement our own very low cost technical
> training. So i'm a dreamer, but still, food for thought, naye?
> 	Best regards and faithfully yours,
> cromwell

if you dont dream, you dont acheive.

world domination sounds good though;)

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