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Database design

Hello all,

I'm back, the lazy bloke who volunteered to write the
database for computerbank.

After many months of not much happening, I have a
rather large design document for the database.

Warning: It is random, badly organised, not completely
uptodate and reasonably large. 

It is located here

It is a uni assignment as well so beware there is a
reasonable amount of Client Server jargon in there,
mail me if you dont understand anything.

Now I have come to a cross roads with the design. We
could go a number of ways.

Perl or PHP3 on the server side.

Javascript for anyone game, but I think it is a bad

Java Application, for more info check out

The old computerbank-dev list has gone pear shape
after a re-shape of the ISP that was hosting it had a
balls-up with the lovely ppl at Telstra. If you want
to discuss anything mail me and I will create a list
of people.

Sorry for posting this technical notice to the main
list, but I figured it needed to get out.



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