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Re: StarOffice to be GPL'd.

Danny Yee wrote:
> > Looks like Sun has GPL'd the Staroffice suite!  This would mean that we
> > could legally load it onto ComputerAngels/ComputerBank machines - especially
> > the higher end ones...
> Yeah, and hopefully a big development community will come together
> around it, and they'll strip it for speed...   Does anyone know much
> about the alternative free word processors?  (What have you been putting
> on machines so far?)

Staroffice. And yes, firing up an application that wants 50MB of RAM on a
32MB machine has just the effect you would expect. As far as we (me and
Peter) could tell if you didn't swap between modules too often it might be
bearable, but neither of us actually use the thing on a daily basis.  

> I've never looked at KWord, but it sounds like there's serious work going
> on there.

We are using the Debian distribution, so anything to do with KDE is going to
be very problematic.

> AbiWord is getting better, but very slowly, and I'm not convinced the
> infrastructure is what is needed.

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