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[Computerbank] Waste PCs recycled for community

The following article is the on the front page of the print version of July 
2002 Electronics News, including a picture of a PC. Computerbank Victoria 
may wish to let them know that you are doing it :)

Waste PCs recycled for community
Electronics News

"The first 20 recycled computers will be handed over to families and 
community groups in Melbourne as a result of the PC Rebuild Program run by 
the City of Melbourne Council and Mission Australia.

The program aims to re-use computer equipment and provide training, 
stripping the PCs of any unlicensed software before refitting them with 
word-processing, database, spreadsheet and web browser access as well as 
appropriate shareware and ongoing support, according to City of Melbourne 
Cr Tony Nicholson.

"The City of Melbourne is taking a leadership role in this program, and 
we'd like to encourage other businesses to consider getting involved in 
re-using redundant equipment in a manner that supports our community," 
Nicholson said."

See: http://www.dialelectronics.com.au/articles/09/0c00dc09.asp

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Jacqueline McNally

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