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Re: [Computerbank] Calling all technical writers and computer trainers

On Tue, 16 Jul 2002 21:22, David & Lisa Buddrige shared:
> Hi all,
> The experiences that we at CA have had is that Its no good giving a person
> a computer if they don't know how to use it.  Subsequently, Computer Angels
> is ramping up a program of training classes for our recipients.  In order
> to do this we need people who are willing to conduct training courses
> either one-on-one or with groups of 4-6 people at a time.
> We also need  people who are able to write training manuals for various
> aspects of computing.  If you feel you are able to contribute in this area
> either by writing training manuals or by conducting courses (or both),
> please contact me (David Buddrige) either by email
> (mailto:buddriged@logica.com) or by phone: 08-9343-9430 (after Perth
> Business hours).  Initially we are looking at the introductory aspects of
> computing, however the long-term goal is for all aspects of computing to be
> covered, so if you feel like you can write a manual or teach a course,
> please contact me so I can coordinate the various efforts.
> thanks heaps
> David Buddrige
> buddriged@logica.com


I used to develop training courses for software engineers at Motorola, and 
handle much of the training in SA. Happy to help with development of courses 
and material.

Also, Penni Diffey of Computerbank Victoria has some excellent training 
resources for recipients that she has developed. She is incredibly good at 
training - if she has a rare few spare minutes, ask her:)

Romana Challans
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