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Re: [Computerbank] Storage crisis in Melbourne...

here iun SA, our heart bleeds for you, having so much hardware. no, really;)

ship it to SA if its causing probs:)

romana, not at all helpful really:)

On Fri, 19 Jul 2002 20:03, Kylie Davies shared:
> Hi all,
> At the moment CAI-Vic is experiencing a storage crisis - after this weeks
> donations (more then 150 computers and bits) - we are at capacity.
> If anyone has any leads on FREE (no strings) storage  - please give us a
> call ASAP on 9600 9161.
> Meanwhile, tomorrow CAI-Vic will be open from around 1pm for warehousing
> and sorting purposes only...all help appreciated.
> We expect to be able to firm up on a Saturday roster system soon - our
> opening times for Saturday - lately - have been a bit all over the place.
> If anyone is interested in regularly turning up on a Saturday  between
> 1-6pm (or even one saturday a month) - please let us know.
> Cheers,
> Kylie

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