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Computerbank Constitution

24.1. The Treasurer shall keep correct accounts and
books showing the financial affairs of the Association
with full details of receipts and expenditures
connected with the activities of the Association.


Should read:

"..... full details of receipts and payments and the
assets and liabilities connected with ....."

There are statements of "Receipt and Payments" or
"Income and Expenditure" (not Expenditures - plural)

[Unfortunately Quicken insists on Receipts and
Expenditure!! and I strongly disagree.]

There is not "Receipts and Expenditure" nor "Income and

When you are reporting just what cash come in and out
it is Receipts and Payments (cash accounting).
When you are reporting what should have come in and out
it is Income and Expenditure (accrual accounting).

Many years ago I had an important legal obligation to
be absolutely sure about this distinction!  I am not
just showing off!

27.2. The Auditor shall inspect the membership roll,
audit the annual statement of accounts and balance
sheet and certify the same.


A balance sheet is one of the statement of accounts
documents - should read

" ...... membership roll, audit the financial
statements and certify the same"

27.3. The Auditor shall not be a Committee Member nor a
relative of the Treasurer.

Horrors - not my girl friend?  Well, she's not a

If you want to put this in it should not say relative.
What is "a relative"? Bad drafting.

Try "a person associated with"

David Totterdell