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Forwarded message from Bill - Help help I need Help!!

Seems there is a little trouble with mail etc,

Here is an email that Bill sent earlier - it bounced and was
referred back to me


Start Bill's message:
Hi all

Particularly like some help shifting the Print Museum during the
next 30 =

The Principal, Michael Isaachson, is offering us space in his
Print =
Museum to establish the Computer Museum and Computerbank and  I
think =
the prospect will ensure a long term association to our benefit.
Michael =
is not asking for any contribution to his space at this stage
although =
he is paying for it himself.

Michael will be at the site everyday from about 10 am on - the
help =
required is with packing small items into boxes so please bring
boxes =
from the supermarket if convenient.  If you want me to arrange
transport =
I'm very happy to do that. Any hour or hours that any of can
offer will =
be great.

I believe our response will indicate what sort of a group we are
and how =
much space Michael should offer us.

I'm hopeful we will get space to store all stuff given to us - a
secure =
area in which we can build machines - training and teaching
room/meeting =
room - coffee and toilet facilities etc. - access to Michael's
printing =
machines for our literature - and anything else we at
Computerbank may =

The packing site is at 91 Moreland St. Footscray - the new site
is 59 =
Hudson St Spotswood

Rally - rally - this is a working bee that will pay off at 100 to
one - =
Help - Help - Help - I need help

My home phone 9444 6332

regards Bill