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Re: [plug] Easymail

Tony Langdon wrote:

>  da> 2. Harder solution.  See if we can reverse engineer the thing
>  da> (decompile or whatever) in order to figure out the protocol (I expect
>  da> it wouldn't be too much different to a standard pop protocol (may have
>  da> some odd tweaks here-and-there).
> Might have to be careful for legal reasons.  I don't know what the law
> says in relation to reverse engineering,

I understand that in the USA it's perfectly legal, and there is a bill being
presented to Parliament at present that will ensure that Australian Copyright
Law does not make it illegal either.

> Of course, with networked applications, there's always the option of
> protocol analysis, and no sneaking a peek at the code. :-)

I am thinking that's probably the easiest option.