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Re: [plug] Easymail

Bill McPherson wrote:

> Hi David and All
> Where should e start to implement your suggestions  regards Bill

I'd start by emailing feedback@telstra.easymail.com.au and requesting
that they release the spec's.  Outline the following reasons why they
should release the protocol so we can write a linux client for it.  The
reasons I would provide for their doing so are:

1. A Linux client would generate revenue for them (By enabling more
customers to use the service).
2. A Linux client would cost them nothing (the Linux community would put
it together as Open Source Software).
3. There is no useful gain by having the protocol hidden.  (It's not
like they're selling the product).

Also suggest that they releasing their Client as an Open Source Software

Benefits to them:

1. Free debugging.
2. Kudos with Large part of IT community (see Linux).
3. No loss to their business.
4. Increased use of their product which means $$ to them.

If anyone has skills + equipment to obtain packet dumps of the data
transmitted that others could analyse this would be an excellent
starting point for coding a client regardless of what Telstra say.  Just
put a note out after you've got any info and either:

1. Post it on your web-site and let us know or
2. Send it to me, and I'll put it on my own web-site.

That's my $0.02 anyway... 8-)

Cheers all

David Buddrige... 8-)