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Re: [plug] Easymail

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 20:29:05 +0800, David Buddrige <buddrige@q-net.net.au>

>Also suggest that they releasing their Client as an Open Source Software
>Benefits to them:
>1. Free debugging.
>2. Kudos with Large part of IT community (see Linux).
>3. No loss to their business.
>4. Increased use of their product which means $$ to them.

From what i hear Telstra make little money on the phone calls made by the
app.  When you download your mail advertisements appear in a banner along
the top of the program.  An open source version would make it simple to
remove those ads.

Does anyone have the software?  It's not on the web site and the CD I
ordered weeks ago still hasn't arrived.