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[Computerbank] Re: [Cai-sa] use off #cbsupport for all!

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 02:26:08PM +0930, Romana Challans wrote:
> Hi all
> for those who venture into the oft uncharted waters of irc, you will know that 
> there is a channel for CAI types - #computerbank (on irc.openprojects.net)
> However, little realised is the incredibly useful resource of #cbsupport!
> yes, #cbsupport has been set up solely to help CAI recipients, members, 
> volunteers, and those who seem to wander in asking technical questions.
> Now, with the use of this wonderful aid and assistance for all comes the need 
> to establish a few more ground rules than the more general flow of 
> #computerbank.
> So, in that knowledge, lets work them out!
> Suggested so far: (not graven in stone, of course, lets kick them around, pick 
> them up, wipe off the dust and that small bit of alfoil, etc)
> * only Ops can assist (Channel Operator)

Perhaps another way of identifying answerers would be better, having the
skills to answer correctly and having ops should be separate.

> * becoming Ops is acheived by discussing with one of the Ops on channel:)


> * only one person assists at a time (per question, so each Ops grabs a 
> question and runs with it, to save confusion)

I agree that one person should answer questions and perhaps others can
/msg them hints behind the scenes.

> * romana should eat more chocolate (just testing folks;)  )

certainly darling

We also need some guidelines on doing ssh $HOST.

oh and vi/m should always be the editor of choice:)


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