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Re: [Computerbank] use off #cbsupport for all!

On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 20:29, Craige McWhirter wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 14:56, Romana Challans wrote:
> > Suggested so far: (not graven in stone, of course, lets kick them around, pick 
> > them up, wipe off the dust and that small bit of alfoil, etc)
> > 
> > * only Ops can assist (Channel Operator)

I had a chat with Romana yesterday and it was mooted that "voicing"
people (while *not* taking the voice from the general channel) results
in the individual being highlighted but not getting ops. I think this
serves the desired purpose of identifying helpers.

> http://openprojects.net/channel_guidelines.shtml
> There may be other ways of tackling this but none come to hand atm.
> we'll probably come up with something in #computerbank :)



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