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Re: [Computerbank] TELSTRA money for Computerbank?

At 05:09 AM 05/05/2002, Bruce McCubbery wrote:
>At 17:47 4/05/02 +0800, Jacqueline McNally wrote:
> >Unfortunately, applicants must be endorsed by the Australian Taxation
> >Office as Deductible Gift Recipients.
>G'DAY JACQUELINE!  (good to be in touch)

Hi Bruce :)

>But that's us isn't it?

Don't think so ...

I was going to provide the direct link, but the www.business.gov.au web 
site is not displaying for me at the moment. It often does this, not sure 
whether it gets busy, or is being updated when I want to look at it.

You need to type in the ABN or the organisation name in the "Australian 
Business Number" search box. If it displays "DGR Name", then it indicates 
deductible gift recipient status.

All the best

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