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Re: Proposals and information

On 28 Nov, Ken Yap wrote:

> I believe equipment is actually the least of our hurdles. You will not
> believe some the useful stuff I find in tips. The main hurdles will be
> enough people to help. Witness TAD with 500 computers and not enough
> helpers. Which is why reverse computer envisaged assembly line and
> automated software installation techniques to make effective use of
> volunteers' time. Another kind of volunteer needed are people to teach
> users.  That is why computerbank should enlist other organisations and
> individuals to address the user handholding aspect. We tend to assume, as
> computer literate people, that computers are easy with one hand holding
> a guide and another on they keyboard. A teacher friend of mine can tell
> you different.

I absolutely agree. I'm quite certain that the biggest constraint in
this, and similar, projects will be finding enough motivated people to
volunteer their time and effort.