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Re: Proposals and information

terry@albert.aapra.org.au wrote:
> On 28 Nov, Ken Yap wrote:
> > I believe equipment is actually the least of our hurdles. You will not
> > believe some the useful stuff I find in tips. The main hurdles will be
> > enough people to help. Witness TAD with 500 computers and not enough
> > helpers. Which is why reverse computer envisaged assembly line and
> > automated software installation techniques to make effective use of
> > volunteers' time. Another kind of volunteer needed are people to teach
> > users.  That is why computerbank should enlist other organisations and
> > individuals to address the user handholding aspect. We tend to assume, as
> > computer literate people, that computers are easy with one hand holding
> > a guide and another on they keyboard. A teacher friend of mine can tell
> > you different.
> I absolutely agree. I'm quite certain that the biggest constraint in
> this, and similar, projects will be finding enough motivated people to
> volunteer their time and effort.
> Terry

Perhaps not! 

Is it feasible to enlist Linux User Group members for on the job
training to deal with getting the hardware in order and installing the
basic system?  Say 45 minutes to an hour for lecture/demonstration and
another couple of hours of hands-on. That would only require one or two
technically competent people, and only entail a half day commitment per

Training the end users could be handled similarly. Once the system is up
and running (with X and ppp) 99% of the 'trauma' has been eliminated.
You could guide them through the essential basic in a half-day workshop,
and have a separate mailing list specifically for them.  

The only potential glitch that I see is their Internet connection. It
might be best to have a team to check their set up when it is delivered.
But all the machines should be tested on a working connection before
leaving the shop, so it should be just a matter of editing the scripts.

Henry White