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Re: Proposals and information

>> The only choice is to accept everything and test it yourself, with no idea 
>of where it's comming from there is no way to guarantee quality of supply. Mo
>st dealers of NEW equipment can't guarantee quality of supply!
>Yes i realise this, however some companies will know if a particular
>component is not working (eg: a blown monitor) and if it can not be
>fixed easily then it is not worth our while to be left with having to
>discard the junk - 

Unfortunately the operation will generate waste which is why we need a
skip. There is no getting around this.

>The other proposal is from Ken and Grahame and was for when they were
>putting an idea re: youth training to a local council in NSW. 286
>machines may be good as terminals for small networks. However i think
>you are right - we need to way up the pros and cons of the 286.

I don't think we will be able to separate 286s so cleanly. 286 machines
may have usable components for example. Again, we cannot get around the
reality that we will generate waste, but at least we can skim off usable
bits. I can also predict that we will get non-IBM machines (Apple IIs
maybe) and components that defy classification. Linux doesn't support
those but they may be just the thing for some technical aid.

I think what machines we are prepared to deal with now is a detail that
can be dropped in the high level document.