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Re: [Computerbank] Re frustrated Kylie

Hi Bruce, Kylie and all,

I'm not trying to play the role of mediator here... (and please, I certainly
do not think that you need one!) - However maybe I can offer another

Bruce, being one of those 'rural residents' involved in NFP committees and
groups with the resources you speak of, yes... we can and do frequently move
mountains to make things happen. It largely comes with the turf of living in
a small community - If we don't do it ourselves, it simply does not get
done - and yes, this culture does lead to a sense of frustration when
external organisations sometimes seem to take forever to get 'into gear'...
and I wouldn't be honest if I were to say that I had not almost given up on
CB... however...

You know that my background includes administering large numbers of
volunteers... everything that Kylie says is spot on. You simply cannot 'wind
up' a national framework overnight. There are a million 'T's' to cross and
'I's' to dot before you would ever think of sending a volunteer on a job
under organisational auspices - to do otherwise is to invite a visit from
some very high-priced lawyers - plus systems documentation (whew) now
there's a book in itself... it can and does often take months to get it

You both share a marvellous vision, and you are both right in what you
say... however it just might take a little while :)... our community is
happy to wait, and to help if we can.

Cheers, Don

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