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Re: [Computerbank] Re frustrated Kylie

At 00:18 1/11/01 +1100, Don Cameron wrote:
>I'm not trying to play the role of mediator here... (and please, I certainly
>do not think that you need one!) - However maybe I can offer

Hi Kylie, Don and all.. 

Thanks Don, but I think Kylie and I are getting on together OK, I hope so
-- we're having lunch together tomorrow!


It was arranged earlier, but there's nothing like a good long lunch to talk
all sorts of things through, ay?

I heed your other words too, but I'm wondering what can be done in the
interim by the proactive regional groups we currently have who are dead
keen to get started? Stuff that won't rock the boat but will help them do

Kylie and I will talk it over further tomorrow (while, I repeat and
emphasise, I acknowledge Kylie's decision is *it*) -- meanwhile, have you
got any suggestions from your extensive background?

I hope we can still discuss the future role of regional branches (or are
they 'nodes'?) without getting up anyone's nose.

Regards, Bruce (Melb)

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