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Re: [Computerbank] funds, fundraising and getting support in the cities

Hello everyone,

Kylie is dead keen to get the state branches in Sydney, Brisbane and
Adelaide going as well as possible as soon as possible. I think we all are.

From things said on here, it seems Brisbane and Adelaide are ahead of
Sydney? Whatever, can each of you guys please list your three biggest
needs, so we (just might be able to) can help you?

Anyone in those states not up with the latest, watch on here or perhaps
contact now: 

>Tony Joblin (QLD) tonyjoblin@yahoo.com.au 

>Romana Challans and Shaun Branden (SA) cbsa@linunix.com 

>Craig Warner (NSW) craigw@blue.net.au 

It seems you can finally get firing now?

Regards, Bruce

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