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Re: [Computerbank] Computer Bank constitution - Objectives of the organisation.

Hi David, (will call you tonight if you are about re your other email),

Hmmm - yes the statement of purposes of CAI - are still a little muddy. 

We did have a Special general meeting to see if we could change this to
something else. BUT - the something else wasn\'t liked by the majority of the
membership - hence the one with all the Free Software Foundation references -
still stands. YUK.

We are calling another SGM soon enough - have to give 21 days notice - to get IT

Now just to revisit (yet again!) our earlier discussions on this topic:

A. We called for discussion on the SOP matter, and we had a few suggestions
posited. One of these suggestions made it all the way to becoming the clause
that we voted on (and twas knocked back).

This was: \"To promote computer literacy by providing recycled computers
installed with licensed software to low income individuals and community

B. We had the SGM and the group felt that this wasn\'t SOP enough - and it was
recommended that we look at (and adopt) the SOP (or objectives as they say in
WA) of the Computer Angels. These are totally neutral. :)

They are:

1.promote and encourage Computer Literacy throughout the community; 
2.enable technological access to all; 
3.organise such functions as deemed necessary to promote the aims of 
the organisation; 
4.form strategic partnerships with Organisations or Associations which 
have compatible objectives; and 
5.undertake promotional and fund-raising activities as required from time to 
time to achieve these objectives.

(A fine set of objectives by anyone\'s standards - cover all that we could ever
hope for - in a way that is quite neutral.)

For your info - Computer Angels - did get tax exemtption status with the ATO. :)

For more info on this topic please consult the mailing list archives at
http://www.seul.org/archives/computerbank/Oct-2001/msg00014.html for starters. 

Cheers all,

Quoting buddriged@switch.aust.com:

> Hi all,
> Just a minor point about the constitution.  I was reading through the
> objectives of the organisation according to the draft constitution as it
> stands.  Among the objectives include:
> (f) to increase public recogniation of the contribution of the GNU/Linux
> operating system developed by the Free software foundation in
> facilitating
> access to computing in the community.
> (g) to promote the use of the GNU/Linux computer operating system.
> Could I suggest that we replace \"GNU/Linux computer operating system\"
> with
> \"Free Software (as defined by the Free Software Foundation)\".  This
> thereby
> gives us freedom to (for example) switch to GNU/Hurd or any other free
> software system that may arise in the future.
> just my $0.02. 8-)
> regards
> David Buddrige

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