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Re: [Computerbank] coming to terms with the Catch 22 puzzle/conundrum


Just a few more considerations to throw into the melting pot. :)

> ~ a lot of donations turn out to be useless
> ~ not enough people to field the telephone/fax/email contacts
> ~ not enough volunteers to pick up the donations

Hmmm - and now - NOT enough MONEY to reimburse volunteers for picking up
equipment. How do you want to solve that one for me?

> ~ go with the flow, pick it all up, but comment on the radio show

To  pick up junk is a waste of time and space. No thanks. And if I\'m reimbursing
volunteers for pickups - it\'s also a waste of money. 

> ~ throughput is too slow

Throughput of computers is okay - it\'s throughput of training that isnt okay.

We only have two (three) volunteer trainers who are doing *all* the training.
Theres Penni, myself and Grant. Quite frankly we can not cope with doing any
more sessions, so dont even think about more throughput of systems without more
*RELIABLE* people who will turn up every saturday/thursday to train 8 people.

Then there\'s the other problem of trainees (recipients) cancelling sessions
(sometimes not even showing up) and rescheduling (thus taking a spot that could
have been given to a newbie trainee). How are you going to counteract that one?

I counteract it by making a \"DO NOT CALL\" file. Therefore if person x doesnt
show to training sessions and doesnt call us to explain why, they automagically
go into a folder - that says \"do not call\" - \"wait for them to call us\".

Theres about 8 folk in that folder atm. :)



> ~ there aren\'t enough volunteers to deliver and install the computers

Until further notice, no volunteer at CB - will be giving any recipient and
their computer a lift home. There are dire insurance implications here - and
until we get this clarified - this STOPS PRONTO.

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