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[Computerbank] coming to terms with the Catch 22 puzzle/conundrum

Hello everyone,

There is a constantly occurring problem that can cause us to "pull in our
horns" -- go slow -- when any piece of what must be done is wonky.

In Melbourne at least, getting publicity about Computerbank has not been
much of a problem. Regular spots are available on ABC radio but it's a
scary prospect.


Because, it seems, we cannot properly field all of the requests for
donations refurbished ... and a lot of the donations are junk ... and we
don't have the logistics.


The whole process 

.. call to donate being received
.. pickup being done
.. the throughput (refurbishment) being done
.. recipients being trained
.. computers being delivered and installed
.. backup help being available

has not yet been satisfactorily evolved.

I believe the only answer to achieving what we can eventually, a constant
flow from donors to recipients that works well, is to advance on all fronts.

Advance on all fronts?

Other organisations doing this have got themselves knotted up because of
pieces in their mix not being in place or not working well enough. No
criticism of them or of us in the past but this can only be solved by a
whole-ball-of-wax (advance on all fronts) approach.

If we allow ourselves to seize up because of fear of (whatever), momentum
in each facet of falls off. 

SCENARIO (for anywhere but from my knowledge of Melbourne)

A regular weekly spot on a popular radio show


Continuing contacts from corporates and the public wanting to donate

Continuing applications from disadvantaged individuals and groups. 

Problems arising

~ a lot of donations turn out to be useless
~ not enough people to field the telephone/fax/email contacts
~ not enough volunteers to pick up the donations


~ go with the flow, pick it all up, but comment on the radio show
~ ask at the next weekly slot for more volunteers to answer the contacts
and pick up the donations

Further problems arising

~ getting rid of the dud stuff in an environmentally sensitive way
~ getting enough people to do the refurbishment of the computers
~ throughput is too slow
~ there aren't enough trainers and training times for the approved recipients
~ there aren't enough volunteers to deliver and install the computers



~ people to come to the Garage Sale (held once a month?)
~ discuss the disposal of what can't be sold
~ discuss how monitors in particular are an environmental problem
~ discuss the extra people needed for refurbishment, times they can come
in, etc.
~ continually appeal for the volunteers needed, in particular the ones
needed most right then
~ the flow of knowing/donating/refurbishing/delivery/backup has to be honed
~ but this is best done on the job, reporting to the public, involving
everyone openly
~ getting their involvement to help us make it work well
~ hold up ... where? ... explain it on the radio, appeal for volunteers 

I hope you get the feel of what I'm suggesting? Please say why it won't work.


Happy Sunday all! Bruce

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