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[Computerbank] Documentation: The Meeting

Hi all,

Just like to provide a preliminary summary of the major outcomes of the
documentation meeting. 

1. We are not closing down Sourceforge - we are re-investigating it's
potential uses. 

2. We have appointed 4 document editors - these folk are responsible for
co-ordinating the development of documentation across a specific area.

The editors are: Kylie (admin documents), Penni/JoAnne (training
documents), Kylie/JoAnne (policy documents), David (technical

The editors will provide a summary of the documents that exist for each
area. The editors will identify required documents and post requests for

The editors will decide on document standards and these will be
published on this list for further discussion. In this context - doc
standards refer to such things as titles, author, contributors,
revision/version, doc location, and so on. 

3. We will publish a list of all our documents - this will be sent to
the list, and until we get our act together SF wise, - the documents
will be available upon request.

4. All documents will be published in a range of formats - at the moment
the documents are available as txt, rtf and html. Likely formats will
include text, html, pdf. Steve is co-ordinating this part. Over to you

Many of our training documents are gnome specific - hence they will only
have value for gnome setups. Some of our training material is standalone
- eg: stuff on terminals and the like. 

Many of our technical documents (cheatsheets/guides) are debian specific
- and therefore will only be useful for folk using a setup similar to
ours, ie: nfs /debian.

Cheers all,

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