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[Computerbank] IRC Meetings for CBAUS

Hi all,

A point has been raised in relation to the conduct of IRC meetings...

It is felt, that, in order to ensure equal footing for all, IRC meetings
should be conducted in such a way that everyone (including the host
city) has to sit in on the IRC meeting.

So for the purpose of the National Committee meeting next Monday night
at 6.30pm EST, everyone will give this a go. 

Now the next question is - can all our State co-ordinators be present at
this meeting? 

Before we run this meeting - we need to think standing rules? Any ideas?
Remember this:

>If anyone has any ideas about "Standing Rules" for IRC meetings of
>Computerbank Australia Inc or knows where to find other relevant web
>info along the lines of http://www.gpnj.org/pol_irc.htm (good starting
>point!) please talk about it here.


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