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[Computerbank] (Documentation) Training documents

Hi everyone

Well finally I have finished all my assignments for Tafe and will receive my
Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing in the mail soon.  Yipppeeee. So
now I have some time to devote to the documentation project at Computerbank.
Penny and I are now the joint editors in charge of training documents.  Our
aim is to have all the training documents in the same style and format, so
we will be formulating a style guide very soon.

We would like to hear from anyone interested in writing training
documents.You don't have to be a great writer, that is what the editors are
for :-), but we need people with knowlege to share. We would also like to
hear from anyone with suggestions for new training documents they feel would
be of benefit to users. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or
wish to help out.

take care

Jo-Anne Bianchi

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