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Re: [Computerbank] A Linux Question

Hi All,

Hmm..this is a bit of a doozy - I guess that maybe some netiquette for our lists
wouldn\'t go astray. :) Oh well it is happened - not much we can do about it but
move on.

But in the future - perhaps we can be a little more contructive when answering
posts from our fellow friends on this list (Shaun suggested this! and Romana was
constructive). Don Cameron is one of the prime people behind bringing linux into
Mudgee. I think that is a good thing. :)

Okay - I did talk about lists in a previous post - and Don\'s question might have
been better posted to cbtechnical or cbsupport.  

cbtechnical - purely technical discussions
cbsupport - user support realted questions and discussion.

> CBAUS is almost becoming its own LUG. Some of the users of CBAUS
> supplied
> machines might not enjoy some of the harsher environments, which can be
> more technical in orienteation. I am sure some of the users are CBAUS
> supplied machines will be using them for reasons different from
> some of the die-hard Linux buffs.

And I kind of agree with what Dale has said above, in a lot of ways Computerbank
is a place where community groups can come and ask questions and not feel like
someone will talk in tech speak. A lot of our newbie users would probably feel a
little silly asking questions of a lUG - along the lines of, for eg: how do i
turn the modem on, what is a floppy disk drive or why isnt it a good idea to buy
a winmodem. I, for one, have often felt a little out of place at LUGS. :)

Anyway - I think this thread is finished with - and Adam - I dont think there is
any need for you to leave the lists. :) 

Cheers all,


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