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Re: [Computerbank] A Linux Question

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Terry Collins wrote:
> > Does CBAUS plan to have a questions/answers mailing list for linux and
> > another for linux applications?
> Just my 2c, but I would prefer that people take their questions to LUG
> lists, or aus.computers.linux, where there is already ample, keen people
> willing to help.
> Why try to duplicate already existing excellent resources?

CBAUS is almost becoming its own LUG. Some of the users of CBAUS supplied
machines might not enjoy some of the harsher environments, which can be
more technical in orienteation. I am sure some of the users are CBAUS
supplied machines will be using them for reasons different from
some of the die-hard Linux buffs.

Otherwise, CBAUS should include a list of mailing lists and LUGS on its
pages and in its training material. "Here is the machine... now go fend
for yourself...".


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