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[Computerbank] Re: very minor correction to cbaus site + forms in html

Hello Romana,

see below ...

romana wrote:
> David,
> As CBAUS website person, could you please make a cpl of minor
> corrections/additions?
> *In the State Rep listing, my surname is incorrect. My surname is
> Challans, not Challan.

oops! sorry 'bout that! - no more late night work  :-( .. will correct

> Trifling I know, but I have had it for all my life, and kinda like it:)
> *Under mail lists, we have one of our own, through elists. The link to
> join is on this page : http://www.linunix.com/cbsa/ask.html

I'll put a link to your page.

> Or, if interested, the code to let people join through your site is
> listed under my sig.
> Also, the forms Kylie sent in RTF format (Volunteer and Membership
> forms, and also the Volunteer and Membership Sheet I have HTML'd to be
> as identical as possible to original layout....these will be uploaded
> (with SA Branch details) to CBSA site today/tomorrow..are you guys
> interested, or do you have versions in HTML already?
Thanks - I think we have versions on the National website (somewhere). 
Have yet to decide the formats for downloading. But I'll certainly check
it out.

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David H.

David T. Hatton
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