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Re: [Computerbank] coming to terms with the Catch 22 puzzle/conundrum

Hi Kylie,

My model for the suggested radio show slot is the Jon Faine show on ABC 774
here in Melbourne. Nicola, formerly with Recruit.Net which does similar
work to us as you know, was offered a regular slot on it after appearing
once -- but that was some time back.

By no means is it a walk up start that Computerbank would get a similar
offer and at this stage of the year they might not be continuing for most
of Dec.-Jan., so we might be talking Feb.2002 here, if at all. A fall back
possibility would be 3CR probably, and you know it. But neither of them
would be too keen on dealing with more than one person proven to be
interesting and worthwhile for their purposes, that is, whoever it is,
they've appeared once or twice and the listeners have been interested. 

I think that person should be you for, among all the questions you will
get, will be ones like, "Where did this start?" -- our history and evolution.

The answers to your other questions are yes, it would be part of the
ongoing process, what you want to emphasise would be the main topic for
each week. It would be the radio station's choice if they had you ring in
or appear in the studio -- if it got to being a regular slot I'm sure
they'd be flexible but of course don't know.

If you or another good enough to do it are not *keen on doing it, it's a
dead duck and I can do something else. I'll send in the prepared posting I
mentioned before tomorrow if you are still interested, it needs some sub
headings to make it more easily read anyhow.

Regards, Bruce

At 17:10 8/11/01 +1100, Kylie Davies wrote:
>Can we have more info - ie: where is the radio show being held (location)?
>Does this five minute weekly spot take into consideration things like: travel
>time to get there and back (if indeed it is a show where we need to send
>along to the studio) - and there's certainly some prep time to account
for. So in
>fact - it isn\'t 5 minutes after all.  :)
>Does it take into account that what we need atm is not more recipients (we
>have plenty of those - and a dwindling number of good machines to distribute)
>but volunteers and cash to fund our operations?

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