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Re: [Computerbank] coming to terms with the Catch 22 puzzle/conundrum

Hi all,

Quoting Bruce McCubbery <brucemcc@melbpc.org.au>:

> I prepared a response to what you said below Kylie, but it is all based
> on
> your availability to go on the weekly radio show I\'ve proposed and
> reducing
> your workload in other areas..

Can we have more info - ie: where is the radio show being held (location)?

> Well, are you available to go on a weekly 5 min. spot... and happy to
> hand
> over some of the stuff you do to others?

Does this five minute weekly spot - take into consideration things like: travel
time to get there and back (if indeed it is a show where we need to send someone
along to the studio) - and theres certainly some prep time to account for. So in
fact - it isn\'t 5 minutes after all.  :)

Does it take into account - that what we need atm - is not more recipients (we
have plenty of those - and a dwindling number of good machines to distribute)
but volunteers and cash to fund our operations?



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