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[Computerbank] Re: mailing lists?

Hi Romana,

How timely - this is something that we need to reorganise!

Okay currently there are the following lists associated with the cb project:

computerbank - main mailing list - for discussions that will be useful for
everyone to see, as well as for announcements. Everyone should be a member of
this list.  Join from http://lists.linux.org.au

cbsupport - a mailing list for all cb recipients who are net connected as well
as CAI volunteers who are able to provide email support and answer questions. It
would also be useful if this list acted to disseminate the odd useful tip to
recipients. Join from http://lists.linux.org.au

On this note -> Does someone want to take responsibility for emailing a regular
tips and tricks post to cbsupport- say everyweek? 

cbtechnical - for technical discussions relating to computerbank projects
Aus-wide. Post any technical question / discussion here. Join from

netproject -  A list for discussion of ET projects - should fold - no traffic -
and no projects in ET at the moment.

cbdoc-train - A list for the discussion of the documentation project. See
http://sourceforge.net/projects/cbdoc/ for info about joining this list. However
- point to note - we will continue documentation discussions on the main list as
well - atleast til we work out which is the best way to go. Documentation posts
on the main list will (should be) proceeded with Documentation in the subject
header. :) 

Then there are the respective mailing lists for each state, in vic we have
cb-private, there\'s also lists in NSW, QLD, WA and SA.

Okay - so why is this a timely discussion - hmmm - we need to reorganise this
lot - and look at how we use mailing lists. 

So in short: 

Keep as is; cbsupport, cbtechnical, computerbank
Discontinue: netproject
Restructure: Vic state list (far too many non committee bods on this list) and
cbdoc-train list at sourceforge. 
Add new list: CAI committee of management list - only for CAI committee members.

On the state front - I would like to discontinue the cb-private list for Vic
members and start a new one just for the vic committee of management (i will
post a msg to it to explain) - but basically I\'m going to unsub - anyone that
isnt on the vic committee.  

Hope this helps and does anyone else have any ideas for the restructuring of


Quoting romana <romana@timelady.com>:

> heyho all:),
> what mailing lists are there associated with computerbank? what are the 
> subscription processes?
> I would like to get some more sa ppl involved with wider aus
> happenings:)

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