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Re: [Computerbank] coming to terms with the Catch 22 puzzle/conundrum

Hello Kylie and everyone,

Thanks for your response Kylie, I hope neither you nor any others think I'm
being too pushy about this? I'm seeking in concert with you and everyone
else to move us through the minefield of our undoubted problems (some of
them confusingly interrelated) in the areas where I think I can help, to
the answers we must find. Step by step answering bit by bit the irritants
in our way in all the things I can help with, while you are also doing it
in all the other areas through others at the same time, until we are
eventually on top of it all.

* Clarifications please

With reference to what you said below, can I ask for some clarifications,

I was unaware any volunteers were being reimbursed, how many are and on
what basis?

If some volunteers (new ones) were to offer to do pickups at their own
expense, is Computerbank prepared to accept them doing so?

* Reasons picking up everything offered might be best

My thinking behind the suggestion we pick up everything that is offered was
based on four things, although I really hadn't thought it through before
this. One, volunteers would often go to the pick up spots before they knew
if the donations were suitable or not; two, many of them (pickup people are
not necessarily knowledgeable about the gear, that's for other people)
might not have a clue about what was OK and what was not; three, any
looking at a gift horse in the mouth could act against the continued flow
of donations if the word got around; four, conversely, removing all
donations without objection would encourage the flow. This would be
certainly best done with a major donor. 

* The radio show (1)

All that said, it can be 90% (or more) fixed by what is discussed on the
radio show. This is to be backed up by your (I can't see anyone else can do
it) comments on that weekly slot, it's an education process all around. We
only pick up computers and laser printers, nothing else? Then we can say,
as I think Melbourne does but perhaps other capitals don't, "Only Pentiums."

* Training pick-up volunteers

We can show any volunteers the difference and over time they well get to
know what to pick up, at the same time knowing what else we'd be happy to
take. (like gold bars)

* Radio show (2)

As the weeks roll by, the presenter and the audience of the radio station
will become educated and collaboratively work with you to reduce the
incidence of inappropriate equipment being offered.

* Useless equipment garage sales
Junk, when it is picked up, can be added to the refuse from our
cannibalisation and rejection of units. If we hold a monthly garage sale,
also mentioned on the radio show, we should reduce our garbage OK. That
would go better if another volunteer or two experienced in holding garage
sale clearances are found. Where would we find them? Through the radio show.
* Enough new trainers

Broadly, what does a trainer need to know to do the job? Are there trainers
"out there" in the outside-Computerbank world we might source through the
radio show or otherwise?

Either way, who would be the best candidates to teach into training the
Computerbank Way? 

Couldn't you mention this need for trainers on the weekly radio show? Even
couple it with saying we unfortunately cannot accept any more applications
until this *desperate need* is solved? Lean on the people listening?

If you and Penni and Grant can be relieved from doing this training task,
wouldn't that free you to get on with stuff more suitable for you as our
national E.O., Pres. and Sec.?

You guys, unless you really love doing it, should hand this work over to
others. Surely?

I don't think you should even have to oversee the operation of the training
sessions. For now yes, but as soon as possible, no. The training sessions
should be done by people who love doing that bit of what we need and
probably nothing else, better yet they should be rostered to only do the
number of days they are comfortable with. How can we stick to doing this?

You guessed it, get enough from asking on the radio show. But also by
having a manager of training who oversees this so well (because this is
what *they are good at) that those doing the training not only feel
intrinsically rewarded but really happy to be involved, because it works
for them.

* People who don't turn up for their training session

"No shows" to training sessions are bad and should be treated accordingly,
but not always rigidly, it's better done on a case by case basis. If every
time a session is held some people don't show, the answer is to overbook.
Qantas does it, we can, too. 

Everyone who doesn't turn up must know ahead of time that they definitely
won't have another turn for (say?) six weeks -- and *they must ring us. For
heaven's sake! ... they're getting a free computer! 

Even before they are told this rule I think they should expect it would be
like that, so they won't be surprised. However, we must definitely make
sure they know this before they book, so they are put on notice right away
and have no doubt in their minds.

* Nobody gives a person a lift

That bit about giving no one a lift seems only prudent, I don't see why
it's necessary anyhow.

Regards, Bruce

At 14:54 5/11/01 +1100, Kylie Davies responded:

>> ~ a lot of donations turn out to be useless
>> ~ not enough people to field the telephone/fax/email contacts
>> ~ not enough volunteers to pick up the donations

>Hmmm - and now - NOT enough MONEY to reimburse volunteers for picking up
>equipment. How do you want to solve that one for me?

>> ~ go with the flow, pick it all up, but comment on the radio show

>To pick up junk is a waste of time and space. No thanks. And if I\'m
>volunteers for pickups - it\'s also a waste of money. 

>> ~ throughput is too slow

>Throughput of computers is okay - it\'s throughput of training that isn't
>We only have two (three) volunteer trainers who are doing *all* the training.
>There's Penni, myself and Grant. Quite frankly we cannot cope with doing any
>more sessions, so don't even think about more throughput of systems
without more
>*RELIABLE* people who will turn up every Saturday/Thursday to train 8 people.

>Then there\'s the other problem of trainees (recipients) cancelling sessions
>(sometimes not even showing up) and rescheduling (thus taking a spot that
>have been given to a newbie trainee). How are you going to counteract that
>I counteract it by making a \"DO NOT CALL\" file. Therefore if person x
>show to training sessions and doesn't call us to explain why, they
>go into a folder - that says \"do not call\" - \"wait for them to call us\".
>There's about 8 folk in that folder atm. :)

>> ~ there aren\'t enough volunteers to deliver and install the computers

>Until further notice, no volunteer at CB will be giving any recipient and
>their computer a lift home. There are dire insurance implications here and -
>until we get this clarified - this STOPS PRONTO.

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